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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pinterest Redux

Time for an admission: I am VERY late to the Pinterest party.  I created an account a few years back for some PD workshops, but as a part of my teacher life, the account pretty much sat there inert.  I'm a Tweeter, not a Pinner.  Or so I thought.

However, Shelby County's Lora Shields convinced me to take another look at Pinterest as a different way of curating edtech resources for others. And when I did....I had to admit it was unique. The nature of a Pin being a pictorial representation of the article, tool, etc. helps create an easier-to-browse setting for sharing.  Pinterest, I acknowledge your power.  I'm back in the game.

To kick off my new fidelity, I revamped my Pinterest account and created some Boards that I hope will be useful to educators in our district (and outside of it).   Please visit the Boards at my Pinterest account page.  I also embedded a few of my Boards in an updated version of "My Favorite Edtech" located on my district page.  As time goes on and I discuss, blog and tweet about certain articles, apps, sites, etc. I will attempt to also add them as Pins to my Boards.  And if you would like to share Pinning to any of the boards, send me an email from the same account you have with your Pinterest account and I would be happy to add you.  Of course, I'd be tickled if you followed me on Pinterest.

Do you use Pinterest in your classroom or with your students?  Comment below and tell us about it.

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