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Monday, October 6, 2014


Do any of the following apply to you?

  • I want to use edtech, but the tech equity isn't there; the only device I have in the classroom is my own personal smartphone or tablet.
  • I want a response system for students that's easy for me and them to use (even at a younger age).
  • I want to create data I can collect and analyze later.
  • I want to create a "whoa!" affect in the classroom.
  • I want a site/iOS or Android app that's free.
If so, Plickers meets all of the above and will fast become your friend.  I heard of it a few months ago, but only recently had a chance to demo it.  I always worry if apps like these "work as advertised," but it really does.  While there are a few things I wish it could do better (like an Excel spreadsheet export of data, although that is likely to become part of a future upgrade), it's dead simple, with a touch of Augmented Reality (AR) magic that will wow you and your students.

NOTE:  You cannot login to the Plickers website with Internet Explorer.  You must use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

I created some videos about Plickers on my YouTube channel.  They are embedded below and also part of a playlist on my account.  (Special thanks to Beth Jones [@mlchslibrary] for helping me film the first video.)  Part 1 gives a real-time demonstration of how Plickers works.  Part 2 walks through the site itself. Part 3 shows you how to create questions.  Spare a few minutes, and I guarantee you'll be intrigued enough to try Plickers in your classroom.

One last quick link: to download the Plickers response cards as a PDF for free, click here.

Have you used Plickers already in your classroom?  Comment below and tell us about it!

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