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Monday, October 27, 2014

Yosemite, puppy, and a presentation update

Hope everyone had a wonderful fall break!

Over the weekend, three exciting things occurred.  The first was EdCampKY in Bardstown.  I'll be writing a separate post about my experience later this week.

The second was our family's first dog. Meet Cocoa, the chocolate-lab-plus-something-else-not-entirely-sure-what puppy!

Obviously, my daughters are excited.

My third experience involved updating my MacBook Air's OS to Yosemite.  This free update is in your App Store.  I was worried about how well it would work on our school network, but so far it's blazing along just fine.  

NOTE 10/27/14 2:29 PM:  One of our teachers informed me that if you upgrade to Yosemite you cannot run Notebook software anymore for your SMART Board (it requires Notebook '14, which we don't have).  IF YOU USE YOUR MACBOOK TO RUN YOUR SMARTBOARD, DO NOT INSTALL YOSEMITE.

Some quick tips before you download and install Yosemite:

  • Do NOT install Yosemite if you are having other issues that still need to be resolved, such as spinning pinwheels of death, constant keychain requests, no admin rights, etc.  I recommend resolving those first.
  • It is a HUGE update of several gigabytes; this will take a half hour or more to download and install. If you can, do it on your home network outside of school, and make sure you have your MacBook Air plugged in so you don't drain your battery or lose power in the middle of the update.
  • While there are no obvious differences at first, the look of the OS is cleaner and brighter, and there are definitely a few things ramped up under the hood.  I updated my MacBook Air Tips presentation to reflect some of these changes of appearance and ability.  You can click here or view below:

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