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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lenovo Yoga: fixing your audio for HDMI connection

The new Southside Elementary, which just opened in August 2014, is unique in our district when it comes to technology.  As they built the school, they made sure that input plates to the new projectors reflected current standards.  Therefore, one of the ways you can hook up to the projector is via HDMI.

Yesterday, as I was preparing for some PD I will have here on Feb. 13 (topics include Google Forms, Augmented Reality, and SMART Board power tips), I plugged in my Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga device to a SMART board.  First, in order for the SMART Board to work as a touchscreen and use the Notebook '11 software, you need to plug the Yoga via a USB cord to the input plate.  Here's the first hurdle: you need to use the USB on the RIGHT side of the Yoga or you will get an error message.  Next, you need the display to show up on the screen. The Lenovo Yoga has a mini-HDMI port on the right side, whereas the wall plate has a normal size HDMI input.  This leads us to the second hurdle: make sure you pick up a mini-HDMI to regular size HDMI cord (one online store with good prices is here).

Now, I got the display on the screen, and the SMART board's touch capability was working fine.   However, I could not get my sound to come through the room's speakers!  So that leads us to the final hurdle: you need to update your Lenovo's drivers to get both video AND audio to output via your HDMI cable.

  1. Go to the Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga driver website.
  2. Look for the "Conextant CX20751 Audio Driver for Windows 8.1 (64 bit)" (see picture below).
  3. Download and install the driver.  This will take a few minutes and require a restart of the Lenovo Yoga.
  4. After a successful installation, there is nothing you should have to do; when your HDMI is hooked to a display, both video and audio should automatically work.

Two final thoughts before I end this entry:

  • If you are having other issues with your Lenovo, check out some previous Edtech Elixirs entries.
  • The driver fix above will need to be done regardless of what display device your Lenovo Yoga is hooked up to via HDMI.  For example, if you plug it up to your HDTV, you still need to update the driver or the sound will not come through the TV's speakers.


  1. I've tried almost everything and unfortunately this didn't work for me either. My TV speakers still show up as "Not Plugged In" when I open "Playback Devices", so I'm not able to set it as my default sound device.

  2. Hmmm. So you are hooking it up to your TV and trying to get the sound to come through the speakers with an HDMI cord? If the driver download doesn't work, not sure what the problem could be.

  3. Wow, thanks, one would wonder why this didn't come preinstalled. But you just made my day, thanks from Sweden! :D

    1. You are welcome! (Sorry for the two year delay to tell you!) :)