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Friday, November 6, 2015

Important Privacy Setting: Disabling Roster View in Schoology

Tomorrow morning, I fly to Orlando for iNACOL 2015 as part of a team of Shelby County & KDE presenters about our district's technology integration plan.  Tweets and blogging will surely follow.

Meanwhile, Shelby County is finally ready to roll out the enterprise version of Schoology.  I am definitely becoming a fan of the LMS and eager to see how teachers use it to facilitate learning for their students.  It's a critical piece not only for digital conversion, but to enable other pedagogy to succeed, such as PBL and personalized learning.

However, we have just discovered a critical privacy setting that needs to be changed.  Otherwise, students can see teacher rosters for each of their classes, including profile information on each student.

The steps are easy.  Teachers, please do this as soon as possible.  (Thanks to Gretchen Schell at Schoology for the directions and screenshots!)  Check to make sure you do this for each course you have attached to your account.

Step 1: Select the drop-down of Course Options (see screenshot below) and select “Edit Privacy/Course Settings”

Step 2: In the Permissions area select “No One” for Roster. This will only allow the Teacher (Course Admin) to view the members enrolled in a course. You must SAVE CHANGES to enable this setting.

On the far right side of "Privacy," in the "Roster" row, checkmark "No One."

If you have any questions, please reach out to your school's Instructional Coach or Digital Learning Coach.

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