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Friday, December 18, 2015

Putting in a Work Ticket for Schoology

Last school day of 2015!  As we prepare for our winter break, I wanted to share instructions for Shelby County staff who encounter problems with Schoology.   We now have a system in place for Schoology issues to be addressed in the same way as other edtech problems: via the work ticket system.

The troubleshooting tips and work ticket directions below were created by Yasmine Fleming, one of our Digital Learning Coaches.  It's also available here as a PDF.

Please note that TEACHERS should be putting in work tickets on behalf of their students.

Before completing a work ticket, the main thing to remember for logging in issues (especially for students) is this:
1)  Do you know your email address and password?  Your local IT can quickly get you the student's email address.  If they don't know their password, get the IT to reset it.
2)  Can you log into your GAFE account or email?  Since it's a single sign-in system that ties Schoology info to your other accounts, if you can log into one, you should be able to log into all.  (If you can't log into GAFE or email, chances are you have the wrong email address or password.  See #1.)

However, if you know the email and password is correct and you still can't get in, or you have another problem (for example, you are a teacher and can log in, but there are no rosters of students) it's time for a work ticket.

Special thanks to Yasmine for the graphic!

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