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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

1000+ views, and hello Clear Creek!

Back in elementary again!  Today is my first day at Clear Creek.  After school today is the weekly "Learning Workshop," where I will say hello to the staff, introduce my resources and contact information, and briefly introduce them to the Plickers tool I discussed in the previous post.   Clear Creek staff, please check my home page for the calendar that will help you keep track of what PD events I have scheduled, along with times and places. I am currently scheduled to stay at Clear Creek until the first week of November.

Today I settled into my new embedded workspace.  Walking through the halls today and peeking in some classrooms, I've already seen students interacting with the SMART Boards.  So good to see edtech is already well in place!  I'm loving the large lobby area in front of the library; it's an open place with tables that are conducive to informal meetings and collaboration sessions.

Question of the day: what is the Clear Creek mascot?  I will do a deep investigative report and find out.  I see a horse in a logo....

Last but not least, THANK YOU for all of the Edtech Elixirs readers out there who helped me climb to a milestone of over 1000 views.  I have written 22 entries since August 1, so for a blog just past two months old, it's a statistic I'm proud of.  More than meeting a milestone, however, I hope the entries have useful information for you and are perhaps a tad entertaining.

Here's to 2500 hits by winter break!

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