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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Goodbye to Your Google Drive

Summer is looming, and the last day for students is either already here or coming soon.  It is also a natural time of transition.  Students and staff may be leaving the district, but they don't want to leave their oodles of Google files and folders behind.  Additionally, educators may be the owners of Google goodness that others will need access to after they are gone.  What to do?

Depending on your needs and situation, one or more of the following tips should help.

1.  Transfer ownership of your Google files and folders.   The process is simple to do (while perhaps tedious one file/folder at a time) and done in the same way you share viewing and editing rights in Google.  Keep in mind that there's no going back once you transfer, and it would be a good idea to give a heads up to your administration and the new owner what you're up to.  Also, for your educator/business account, you cannot transfer ownership to a personal account outside of your domain, or vice versa.  You can only transfer ownership between two domain accounts or between two personal accounts.

2.  Utilize Team Drives.  I go into detail about Team Drives in a previous blog entry,  but here are some highlights:

  • Any files and folders made by a member of a Team Drive remain in the Team Drive even if the  member who created the files/folders leaves.
  • Unlike individual Drives, Team Drives are easily accessible by your Google Administrators for your domain.  This can come in handy.  For example, say the creator of the Team Drive is the only person with "full access," and they leave the district.  Google Admin can still assign the "full access" rights to another member of the Team Drive, along with other management functions.
  • You can move your personal files, but not folders, into a Team Drive.  For more information and limitations on migrating files into a Team Drive, read here.

3.  Use Google Takeout to copy files and folders to your personal Drive.  This is an option if you have a G Suite Education/Business account.  (Those with personal Gmail accounts have options to download their data.)  It is a straightforward way to copy, not technically "move," the contents from one Drive to another.  There are two things to keep in mind.  First, while a G Suite for Education or Business account has virtually unlimited storage space, a personal (free) Gmail Drive does not.  Secondly, the transfer itself may take several days to complete; don't wait until the last day of your G Suite access to start the process!   The directions are pretty straightforward.  While logged into your G Suite account, go to this site and put in the account that should receive the data.  A verification code will be sent to that account's Gmail.  Once you get the code, enter it and the transfer can begin.

Have a happy, restful, and invigorating summer!

Update 6/20/18:  I discovered you cannot transfer ownership between a personal account and an educator/business Google domain account.  I added this information in #1.

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